Find Balance in Every Aspect of Your Life

Find Balance


Every Aspect


Your Life

Imagine living pain free with great energy, easy digestion, deep sleep, and a balanced mood. Yes, this is all possible and in record time!

Your Best Self,
Right Now

Start your transformation today! It is time to prioritize your health. How many times have you said to yourself, “I should probably do something about my health issue,” yet you still don’t make time? Waiting only allows pain or health issues to get worse and unfortunately more difficult to treat. We all know how time slips away quickly….so now is the time to make some changes!

May We Ask…

  • Does stress weigh heavily, clouding your mood & causing fatigue?
  • Do you struggle with pain or decreased range of motion that stops you in your tracks?
  • Are you living with anxiety or depression that prevents you from living your best life?
  • Do digestive issues make you plan vacations or simple errands with caution?
  • Have you tried other types of holistic care, but only achieved temporary relief?
  • Has Western medicine let you down? Or do you wish to decrease your pharmaceutical intake?
  • Are you looking for a listening ear & real answers?

If so, we understand! Our use of ancient Chinese Medicine with a modern approach provides true healing, quickly. The results can be profound!

Congratulations to the
TCM Clinic team!

We are proud to have received the Readers’ Choice Best Acupuncture Clinic of NOCO 2022 by NOCO Style.

Meet Your Team

With over 65 years of combined experience, we own & operate the oldest, most established Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Dr. Monique Larson,

Dr. Dayna Larson,

Lindsay Herrera Kaplan, MSAOM, L.Ac.

Tristan McCoy, MSAOM, RN, L.Ac.

DR. Erin Compton,

Let us guide you towards health & happiness

Get started today in 4 easy steps:

  1. Start by scheduling a New Patient Appointment online or call 970-416-0444.
  2. Complete your online paperwork, a link will be included  in your appointment confirmation email.
  3. At your appointment explain your health concerns to your provider, feel heard and understood.
  4. Leave with a fresh perspective, specific health tips, a Chinese medical diagnosis, and a plan to move forward toward achieving your goals.

What happens next?

During your initial appointment your provider will perform diagnostic evaluations that may include tongue assessment, pulse evaluation, and physical examinations. Once all information is gathered, your provider will determine your Chinese Medical Diagnosis, create a customized wellness plan, and provide treatment. Your care may include a combination  of modalities such as Acupuncture Treatment, Chinese Herbal Formula, Supplements, Cupping, Moxibustion, Tui Na Massage, Electroacupuncture, Diet & Lifestyle suggestions, and more.

Ancient Medicine with a Modern Approach


Our gentle needle & non-needle techniques produce immediate results for most people. We integrate ancient & modern approaches to acupuncture in each treatment. Each practitioner provides a unique offering of skills within this diverse treatment modality.


This Chinese medical massage incorporates unique hand techniques while applying pressure & stimulation to acupressure points along the energy meridians throughout the body.


The energetic natures, medicinal functions, & remarkable effectiveness of Chinese herbs has been studied & well documented. Our clinic is home to one of the most extensive granule (powered) Chinese herbal pharmacies in the state of Colorado. All of our providers are highly skilled herbalists & frequently combine acupuncture & custom herbal blends for highly effective results.


Acu-point injections involve sterile homeopathic or vitamin solutions into specific acupuncture points. Similarly, Trigger Point injections may be done into tight knots & muscle bands to provide the tissue with hydration & nutrients needed for healing. 


No matter where you live, we can help! Consider a virtual video health consultation where we can examine your tongue to determine your Chinese medical diagnosis. Supplements & custom herbal formulas will then be mailed directly to you!

“I have been enjoying the skilled healing work from Dayna, for at least two years now. Everyone at TCM is very loving and considerate! I highly recommend, to anyone looking for a truly great way of experiencing better health, then this is the place to visit! Thank you all, so much!”

– R.S

“In previous times I had not considered acupuncture. However, the weekly treatment provided by Dayna of TCM over some two years has been most satisfactory. It is always proffered in a most friendly and caring fashion.”

– M.J.E.

“All TCM is super friendly, knowledgeable & helpful. I have worked with Monique & Korin extensively. What I liked most is their sincere willingness to listen & support me on my holistic wellness journey not just through acupuncture. In fact, ALL Staff have given me great advice, contacts & other helpful information."

– C.J.

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